The physical value of sound

News from the graduate summer show at the Royal College of Art in London.

0ayuritimetab.jpgYuri Suzuki and the Prepared Turntable

Quite a few projects made my day over there. The ones of Yuri Suzuki for example. That guy is so talented it should be illegal. He’s an artist, musician and now a fresh graduate from the Design Products department. His project is concerned with revamping and giving new forms and meanings to the almost obsolete turntable, a device which very few of us still have in their house. We don’t buy disks of CDs anymore either. Nowadays music is more abstract and immaterial than ever. Sound has been reduced to data.

0assoundcahser.jpgSound Chaser

0aasoneteso.jpgSound Chaser

Sound Chaser looks like a little toy train that rides on record rails. You can align and connect each chipped pieces of second-hand records one to another and compose a new track that the train will play.

0aagluglgu9.jpgTip Tap

The TipTap, developed in collaboration with Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, is a little hammer that reveals the dormant sounds around us.

A small metal tapper housed in the object taps out a rhythm on any object or surface that you hold it near to. The rhythm is set either by the user or can be defined by the controller. Alternatively, a beat can be taken from your favourite record, allowing you to play along while keeping perfectly in time. The TipTap can also synchronise with other users to make a social tapping experience.

0aperpeturntable.jpgPrepared Truntable

The Prepared Turntable is an analogue answer to the digitalized DJ. The turntable has 5 tone arms, each of which can have its volume controlled by its own fader. Users can make or play music with special loop groove records.

0aayuriiiiifingerp.jpgFinger Player

The Finger Player is a wearable record player. Insert your fingers into one of the little rings, play the record just by holding your hand over the disk and feel the physicality of making sound.

0aajewjewrlr.jpgSound Jewellery

Sound Jewellery conceives sound as something precious that you can offer to a friend or wear as a memory of a shared laugher, a romantic conversation, any sound moment from your daily life. The record is made up of components which of course you can play but they can also be worn as bracelet, brooch or other pieces of jewellery.

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All images courtesy of Yuri Suzuki.
The works are on view at RCA until July 5, 2008.