You’ve been nicked – by a lamppost

Q Star FlashCam-530 vociferous lampposts are being deployed across the UK.

The FlashCam has already been attached to street furniture in 52 locations in London, Glasgow and Birmingham, where it aims at detering vandalism, in particular graffiti and illegal trash dumping. Water companies are using the system to protect water storage tanks against intruders. Some systems are being used to deter burglary, drug dealing and prostitution.

shouting_lamppost.jpgThe FlashCam-530 senses motion up to 100 feet away. When motion is detected, the system starts taking 35 mm photographs. A bright flash goes off and a loud voice message warns the intruder to “leave the area now” and that his/her photograph is being taken.

Former London Met police officer Steve Galinsky enthused: “They have already caught lots of people – some quite literally with their pants down, engaged with prostitutes. The look of utter amazement on their faces when the camera starts to shout is priceless.”

However, The Guardian wonders exactly how the FlashCam distinguishes between strumpets administering sexual relief to punters and old ladies out walking their dogs.

Via The Register.