People doing strange things with electricity (Part 1)

Yesterday, we had a great time at Dorkbot.BLN, aka “People doing strange things with electricity” at C-Base.

The works were presented by Jussi �ngeslev�. The ex-Media Lab Europe researcher and prolific artist who created works such as The Last Clock (a Bafta nominee), Spin, and the genius Urban Eye project.


There was Matthias Rang recreating the coil experiences Nikola Tesla made last century. All of his lecture was dutifully explained in German (I wouldn�t have understood it in english either, anyway).

I met loads of interesting people (thanks Monika for introducing me). The guys from ART+COM (who made the Floating Numbers Table) and -tadaaaaa!- Tim from Project Blinklights. He explained me that the first time he launched, or rather lighted, the project was to celebrate the birthday of the Chaos Computer Club. On September 11, 2001. So it was a bit of a shock to light a building in those circumstances.