Work will either be purchased, stolen, or vandalized

The Budget Gallery is looking for artists for its next “Success” art show which will take place on August 8 – 15, 2004, in San Francisco.

From empty walls to empty buildings, the Budget Gallery uses any space that is available and highly visible during the day to organize gallery style art shows. white paint and signage is used to present work as professionally as possible, and their opening receptions are attended by hundreds of people.

Most work sells at the opening, but the reamining pieces stay up for a week with a price and contact phone number for interested buyers. The gallery is in co-opted public space with no security, so the work can be stolen or vandalized during the rest of the show. The Budget Gallery considers vandalism a form of artistic collaboration, and theft is the highest honor of the Budget Gallery.

The theme for the next exhibition is “Success!”
Deadline to sumit works : July 24th , 2004


Via Rhizome.