3D intelligent wall paper

With PARCEL, Swedish architecture and design research group Krets suggests new relationships between the material, audiovisual and digital techniques that are forming the environments around us. The project considers off-the-shelf technologies used in the packaging industry and consumer electronics as integral parts of an architectural design. Through, and within, its folded surface, material, audiovisual, and digital technologies are integrated.


The PARCEL prototype is a reactive wall-panelling system able to continuously react and interact electronically with its environment, inviting also the visitor to recombine and transfigure the system.

Punched plastic sheets with computational intelligence (microprocessors, printed circuits, sensors, lighting and speakers) are folded into volumes. When combined they form a wall-paneling system integrating information technology and infrastructure as well as illumination and sound.

The folded sheets respond to the color scheme of the Stockholm Concert Hall. The rendering of the color shifts as a result of the inherent curvature in the pieces and the integrated light.

Via artificial dk.