Gulliver’s Box

With Gulliver’s World, children can create their own theatrical production and allow others to experience it in virtual reality.

With the World Creator, that looks like a model of the planet earth, the user can position mountains, meadows and valleys around the globe. Each of these landscape objects is associated with individual characteristics that have a direct impact on the behavior of the figures that inhabit Gulliver’s World.

The user can modify existing characters and assign characteristics to them.


In the Greenbox, video sequences of visitors are recorded and then reproduced in miniaturized form on the play level. Moreover, anyone can create a life-size stereoscopic projection of him/herself and appear as an avatar on the play level. A computer vision system captures and analyzes the user’s movements and behavior and transmits this in real time to the avatar, which can thus directly intervene in what’s going on in the game.

Gulliver was developed by the Mixed Reality Lab, the Human Interface Lab of Osaka, the Ars Electronica Futurelab and Zaxel .

Gulliver’s World has just been awarded a mention at the World Summit Award.
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