Will corporate MMS meet the success of its SMS counterpart?

The premium rate SMS provider, Netsize is teaming up with O2 to launch the first UK’s cross-network wholesale MMS offering, a service that will give broadcasters and marketing companies the ability to allow customers and viewers to interact with them by sending pictures and animations from their mobile phones.

The success of wholesale SMS doesn’t have to be proven anymore: organisations increasingly understand that the mobile channel is a powerful marketing actor, with response rates far higher than many traditional forms of marketing and advertising.

However, in a report , management consultants Arthur D Little and Exane argue that MMS services would not take off this year in Europe, “Use of MMS services remains sluggish and is not likely to make a significant contribution to ARPU [average revenue per user] until customers become more comfortable and familiar with the full potential of MMS.”

The service is available now and covers all UK networks (except for 3).

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