The Travelbox

0amenittii.jpgWhile technological progress makes it easier to travel and to stay in contact with remote places, physical movement remains restricted and under control.

Travelbox is similar to the boxes used to carry pieces of art, but is adapted for the transport of people, in particular those who have to travel hidden under a truck or on an overcrowded boat.

Made of wood, measuring 150x150x100cm, it comes with amenities: reading tablet, safety belt, an electric battery provides running water, light and ventilation and the guarantee that its occupant will remain unseen. It doesn’t provide less comfort than any trip in tourist class (looks even better than Ryanair: no rude air attendant!)

The Travelbox is part of the Wayaway project, a comment on some of the trends that shape our society: immigration, globalization, Eurocentrism, marketing, the exploitation of developing countries, and the hypocritical attitudes of western societies.

The prototype has travelled to: Spain, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guatemala, Colombia, etc.

0videoshui.jpgStill from the accompanying video

A work by El Perro.