Whale stranded in Berlin


In the ongoing conflict between the Japanese whaling activities and environmental activists, Greenpeace yesterday pulled off a great impromptu-action in Germany. After a Fin whale had perished in the bay of Wismar in northern Germany, they offered to help tugging the 20-ton giant out of the water and transport it to the Stralsund marine life-institute where it is to be examined.

This actually was a little suspicious already and later we learned why: Instead of a direct delivery, the truck took a little “detour” to Berlin where Greenpeace parked the dead whale right in front of the Japanese embassy where it still was yesterday night. According to the activists on site, this was done to show Japan that you don’t have to kill whales to perform “scientific research” on them. Often enough they come dead and you can just pick them up.

While this action shows the resourcefulness of activist groups to act upon unexpected events, part of the marine life-community is apparently a bit upset about the hijacking of the whale. Eventually it might be for their ends as well if it helps in stopping the whaling.

Some images on Flickr and an article in the Times.