Wearables for everyday objects

This key-chain radio station broadcasts the sounds you make through regular FM radio and shares them with people hidden from your eye. It works only within a radius of about 20 meters. The sound quality is not very clear, but people can guess what you are doing. In addition, the lower sound quality reduces concerns about privacy issues.


The capsule holds a small FM transmitter card with a microphone, antenna, and batteries. The card takes sound inputs from the microphone and wirelessly transmits it within a certain frequency.

The key-chain is part of the Smart Skins for Dumb Objects project, by Rikako Sakai (Japan), that aims at stimulating communication among individuals through “wearable” computers for the objects they use.

“Chair cover and accessory for busy people” are other prototypes of the research. To monitor a busy person’s whereabouts, you place a cover on his chair and an animal shaped object at your desk. While the busy person is sitting on his chair, the object glows to let you know that he or she is there.


Inside the chair cover are a touch sensor, an antenna, a wireless transmitter card and batteries. The animal shaped object contains a small LED in and takes power from a battery box through its metal legs.

So, when you need to meet the busy person, you can check his presence easily.