Polish artist Robert Kusmirowski has created an impressive installation for the Maurizio Cattelan-curated Berlin biennal. The piece titled Wagon is a full-scale freight car and my makeshift panoramic-shot does little justice to its monolithic appearance. While looking completely authentic, the whole thing is a mock-up and made from materials such as styrofoam.

Kusmirowski is said to have started to make deliberate mock-ups as a boy, building toys he couldn’t get in socialist Poland. Meanwhile he has pretty much made his skills perfect, reproducing everything from money, baroque tombstones to entire apartments as in Double V from 2003. Most of his work has strong political undertones with Wagon making no exception: this part of the biennal is actually located in a former Jewish elementary school for girls. Filling up one of the empty rooms with a faithful reproduction of the vehicles that countless amounts of people have been deported with is quite a statement. Surprisingly, he has yet been spared of the publicity that Santiago Serra got.

Consider this a teaser, for Régine is going to cover the Berlin biennal in greater depth soon. A few more pictures.

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