Wearable rhythm communicator

Volume of over Lumen is a rhythm communicator for several people.


Each participant wears a silicone collar which sends a rhythmically arranged sound. A particular sound is generated for each participant according to an analysis of their voice. LEDs in the collar create a halo of pulsating light that radiates around the wearer. If another partecipant comes within the range of the collar, he or she can hear the sound generated by the collar worn by the first person. But if he or she comes within the range of several collars, then it’s a mix of the various sound compositions that will be heard.

By their own movement in the area participants can modulate their own sound experience, as well as the acoustic experience of the other collar wearers.


Electronics are visibly cast in the collar: resistances, transistors, diodes, conductive strips and other elements have a functional as well as an aesthetic role.

A work by Martin Bellardi and Anne-Christin Delakowitz.

Check the collar at Sonambiente in Berlin until July 16.

Via rhizome. Bottom image.