Visceral Cinema: Chien

Visceral Cinema: Chien combines key moments from the surrealist film Un Chien Andalou with viewers’ shadows to form interactive projections. All of the action occurs in silhouette.


At first, viewers see a video projection of a man pulling a grand piano towards them. By walking between the projector and the projection, the visitors’ shadows affect the man’s actions. If one moves between the man and the piano, the piano is pushed back, causing the man to strain harder and lose ground. If a viewer intersects the man, the man dissolves into ants at their point of intersection, and the ants gradually overtake the entire screen.

A installation by Scott Snibble.

Try it now at the Shadow Play exhibition or during the Andalusian Dog Affair multimedia party Jun 16, 7pm – 9pm, Art Interactive, Cambridge, MA.