Computer/Turntable hybrid

TurntablistPC is an electronic and mechanical hybrid of turntable (gramophone) and an old pc.


Several versions of TurntablistPC have been assembled. All of them use servomotors or step motors for revolving the record. These embedded motors are algorithmically controlled by the computer component.

In the CounterTurn, version the TurntablistPC is a server which third-party websites can use as a web-counter. A hit on the subscribing websites spins the record in real-time. The location of the website controls the direction of the spin. The location of the visiting user determines the amount of spin.

CounterTurn will be shown at the File festival in São Paulo during November 2005.
For this installation , Morgens Jacobsen needs data-inputs from websites. To participate, simply place an “invisible” image (a small transparent GIF-image) on your website during the required periode with a snippet of HTML-code (see his page for details).

Via artnode.

See also Jonah Brucker-Cohen‘s Alerting Infrastructure, a physical hit counter that translated hits to a website into interior damage of a physical building.