Troy, alternate reality game

Troy, created for the Experimental Gameplay Competition, is a game about invasion of privacy on the internet. As visitors to the site try to download a game made by a fictional character, they are lead to a 404 site.


The average visitor would probably not bother clicking on the link to the parent directory. But visitors who are inquisitive and prying enough will click on the link and be lead to files and information they weren’t supposed to see. If they keep going through this data, they’ll get passwords to spy into more of the fictional character’s personal information. For example, they’ll learn that the game developer has just broken up with his girlfriend Becky, and as visitors progress through the game, they uncover very private stuff that gradually reveal what went wrong in their relationship.

Eventually, the curious would get a hold of the game they were originally trying to download, but it turns out to be a trap that the fictional character set for the player, as a punishment for going through his stuff.

Via Neural. DOC.