Tons of tiles

The shortlisted projects of the Designboom ‘100% TILES’ competition are out

I loved nearly all the projects. A random selection (there are loads of them):

Puzzled , by Craig Coulton + Modelling: S. Gee / S. Amir (UK), is a socially interactive and an unsolvable arrangement of tiles.


Another one to play with is Play more !, by Microclimax – + Carolyn Wittendal + Benjamin Jacquemet-Boutes (France): 5 basic ceramic tiles to combine and transform your wall/floor, into game space.

Hydrophobic nanotiles by Peter Yeadon (USA) or how to have fun with nanotechnology.

tea bag = tile by Mir Yahya Mousavi + Azadeh Gholizadeh (Iran) made with tea bags thrown on the roof.

Le MassageTile by Fredrik Aidehag (Sweden), “fingers” made of silicone rubbers are spread in such way that your spine fits in between two rows to offer you a nice rub or massage.

Proven to be liked even amongst animals!

le_tile[1].jpgle_variation[1].jpgTrace Tile by Natalie Woolf (UK) lights up when in contact with someone. The tile is electronic with LED light sources. Each tile is connected so that the pool of light or the trace of your lights up gently and then gradually fades away over time.

copy_22_1[1].jpgPervasive Ambience: Networked Tile System by Caleb Fung (USA)
Each tile is embedded with electrical wiring and connectors. When placed together, they form an electrical network. Designed to work with the network are “node” tiles, which include: lighting tiles, heated tiles, flat speaker tiles, and LCD tiles. There are also node tiles that provide outlets, and dimmer switches that allow you to adjust brightness, warmth, and volume. These modular node tiles allow you to configure a space by bringing power, light, sound, heat, and information to wherever you please.
This one reminds me Dario Buzzini’s interactive wallpaper “Not so white walls


From DesignBoom.