Looking for mobile music projects

0mobilemusic2006.jpgThe registration for the 4th International Mobile Music Workshop is now open. It will be held on May 6-8 in Amsterdam and the programme is freaking good!

The series of annual workshops explore how devices such as mobile phones or mp3 players, combined with ad hoc networking, Internet connection, and context-awareness, mobile music technology can give rise to new artistic, commercial and socio-cultural opportunities for music creation, listening and sharing.

This year Lalya Gaye and Atau Tanaka have asked me to give the final keynote. My role will be to “observe” the activities of workshop, and then situate them in the context of the rest of the techology/art/culture world. Alas! as i know too well, my knowledge has its limits and this time again i’d like to ask you if you have heard of any artist, researcher or hacker whose works that push forward mobile music technology. I could use some of your suggestions while preparing my talk and blog them as well. Let us know about your ideas in the comments or email me at the address that appears at the top of the blog’s sidebar.

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