“Touchable Media Art” game

Toshio Iwai has created for Nintendo DS a new music game called Electroplankton.


Electroplankton presents the player with “soothing music” and graphics on the DS’s two screens. 10 “digital planktons” react to your touch and voice, making different gestures and sounds of their own. The game, labelled as a “Touchable Media Art”, also takes advantage of the DS’s microphone by recording and playing back sounds and voices as tunes.

Electroplankton also has an “audience mode” in which it creates musical tunes on its own.

Should hit the Japanese market on April 7, with a pair of headphones and an exhibition at Laforet Museum in Jingumae, running from April 8-14.

See the testing videos on the site.

(via gamespot)

Iwai has created many fabulous works before. One of them is Sound-lens , a portable device to turn light into sound.


Artificial lights blink on and off or change their intensity in a certain frequency; however, this is invisible to our eyes. Sound-lens converts these high frequency transitions of light into sound.

Via del.icio.us. More pictures.