The lady of sexploitation films

This morning i ran into this super outlandish trailer of Deadly Weapons, with Chesty Morgan and HarryDeep ThroatReems. I first thought this trailer showing an assassin who kills men with her 73-inch bust size was some kind of joke. A quick look at imdb and i got fascinated by Doris Wishman, often referred to as the “female Ed Wood.”


Most of her 30 films were sexploitation films. Her directing, editing and marketing skills were self-taught and almost all of her films were self-produced. They often featured hand held tracking shots that would be interrupted by cutaways to shots of ashtrays, bric-a-brac, and characters’ knees, hands, and feet.


In 1958, Wishman started directing nudist films such as Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1960, with burlesque star Blaze Starr) and Nude on the Moon (1962), the story of a nudist civilization on the moon and two Earth astronauts who discover it. When changes in legalities created markets for sexploitation films, Wishman made sassier films such as Bad Girls Go to Hell (1965), Another Day, Another Man (1966), Deadly Weapons (1973), and Double Agent 73 (1974). But when hardcore pornographic films went mainstream, her output dwindled, although she tried her hand at X-rated features such as Satan Was a Lady (1975). In 1978 she directed Let Me Die a Woman, a pseudo-documentary about transsexuals, featuring rather gruesome footage of actual sex-change operations.

More information of about Doris Wishman in Senses of cinema.