Textile architecture

The textile brick designed by Erwan e Ronan Bouroullec for Kvadrat showroom in Stokholm is the latest step in their process of deconstructing space. Walls, doors and passageways regarded so far as closed and permanently fixed entities can instead be transformed into free configurations.


The soft brick is in fact self-organised in a continuous surface. This determines its growth in space according to the context.


The brick’s basic module, mass-produce using industrial processes, has no clearly perceptible form as such. Once aggregated into a settled combination, the module tends to lose its separate identity and merge into a continuous flow. Each unit is a “fabric sandwich� containing a soft and deadening layer of cellular foam. In this way, areas enclosed by the flexible textile brick surfaces acquire a special sound quality that tends to create a muffledand warm sensation of that space. At any moment, doors, spare space, services, offices can be replanned differently, thus adapting to changing interiors.

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