A record made specifically for scratching

“A Clocktave is a note scale to scratch with, with a range of multiple octaves. The notes of the octaves are divided between exactly one rotation of a record so when you look at the record as if it were a clock, the root note of the scale will always appear at one particular point, to be chosen by you.”


The Clocktave is a scratch-tool for creating melodies using a scale-based, multiple octave system. Besides, all audio on the record is visually represented on a label sticker which has to be put on the record by the user himself.

“When you get the hang of it, you know exactly what notes to play/scratch because of the “root-note orientation point” and you’ll learn different melodies.”

Must see video (i think)

Developed by by Sjam and Kypski.

Via ektopia k10k.