The quest for the newest

A survey conducted by the online insurer revealed that British consumers intend to regularly change the devices they buy (mobile phone and other electronics devices): more than half of those aged between 16 and 34 plans to change mobile phones every three years.
2 percent of those interrogated said they will keep their mobile gadgets for more than five years.
Peer pressure and social status are the prime reasons why users upgrade their devices. More than half of young people is ready to confess that they change mobile gadgets because of influence from their friends.
That reminds me of an article I read yesterday on The Register: THE cool gizmo of the moment is the iPod and West Midlands police tries to warn iPod users that they should replace the white headphones (a sure sign that one is listening to an iPod device) by less conspicuous one or be mugged. But many would rather be robbed than be seen without that symbol of coolness!