The omniscient car ‘weighting machine’

Teleradio Engineering, a Singapore developer of security systems, has come up with a device that can detect stowaways, contraband and bombs hidden in cars, from the weight of the vehicle.

The Vehicle Weight Inspection System can tell in three seconds if a car is carrying more than it apparently is. It can even pinpoint where the extra weight in the vehicle is.

The system comprises a computer and a platform, which is big enough for cars, vans and small trucks.

The computer is programmed to recognise the average weight of a particular make of vehicle, including that of the driver, and triggers an alarm if there is anything above this. It also takes into account temperature fluctuations which can change the weight of a vehicle.

The system comes with UV3, a device that scans and renders in colour images the undercarriage of vehicles.

From The Straits Time.