Motor Karaoke

The Motor Karaoke is a bike race powered by human screams, the louder the faster. The first of the 2 players who makes 5 laps wins the game. The sounds produced by the players (screams splited right and left audio chanel) are systematically recorded and archived with the intention of editing a CD of the races’s sounds.


The Motor Karaoke project is a double project, the first part is the installation. The second part of the project is a music band (Olivier Lamm, Stephane Laporte and Mehdi Hercberg) called MEC (les Motards En Colere, Angry Bikers) giving energetic and short live with simple and moisy beats and lyrics against cars – pro bikes screamed (check the video .)
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Developed by Mehdi Hercberg and Raphael Seguin (Ezdac)

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