Light_&_sound, by Natalie Bosco, transforms light waves into sound waves and back, creating an informations loop.

Turning sound into light: microphones capture the sounds, which will be changed through an electronical controlpart and sent to the LEDs. Every microphon turns its own LED-line. The intensity of the lights are defined by the loudness or/and frequencies of sound – then louder is the sound, so more LED are going on in one line.


Turning light into sound. The light of LEDs will be taken by solarbatteries and changed through an electronical relay in to the sound, that will produced by loudspeakers.

Both parts of the system react to each other.

The system also reacts to the sounds and shadows of spectators. Observers may in turn react to the sounds and lights of the system, making different moves and noises, dancing in the light_&_sound rhythm.

The system is based on a pure electronical principle, which seems to me be important like an alternative to the computerised art of today. That makes the installation minimalistic, consisting only from the working parts and alive.

Finissage of the interactive facade at Fassadengalerie Mount Warning, Berlin – August 28th 2005.

Via Interaction field.