Kent Henricksen at the Galleria Glance in Turin

This must be my 145th post about Kent Henricksen. Please bear with me, yesterday as i was admiring his solo show at the Glance Gallery in Turin, i realized that i wouldn’t be able to refrain from writing, once again (cf. Divine Deviltries
and Gales and Gasps), about the irony and beauty of his embroidery works.

0aalegrankentyy.jpgLustful Looters, 2008

This series doesn’t fail to present the usual merry and evil atmosphere where cute hooded characters steal the bourgeois, little girls stick out their tongues, skeletons dance and kill. The title of the exhibition, Absence of Myth, comes from a collection of writings by Georges Bataille on surrealism and related themes. As usual, the motifs themselves are taken from antique prints, illustrated books, history manuals or works of art from different eras.

Although Henricksen unmistakably produces Henricksen works again and again, his practices evolves and each exhibition brings new nuances and surprises. This time he treats us to several small goldleaf works on canvas and he covered the walls of the gallery with stenciled paintings representing a super slim winged siren.


For the first time, Henricksen is showing some ceramic sculptures. One of them shows his ubiquitous little hooded head, another one is inspired by a collage by Max Ernst, recounting the punishments for simony in the third circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno.

Slideshow of the pictures i took in the gallery:

More images of the works exhibited until October 31 at the Galleria Glance in Turin.