The Art of Breathing

Featured in “The Art of Breathing in the World” Exibition are provocative new-media art installations by KOSUGI+ANDO, including The Art of Breathing III (see the photo below) and Circulation.

[the art of breating III]

On the table are Mandala-like patterns that morph into many different kinds of patterns and visual images in response to one’s hands thrown out over the table. Cool breath (air) flows towards the hands, making this a unique multimodal experience.

Circulation uses several fans mounted on the ceiling. It can look like that the fans are “transferring air flows” from specific locales in the world, including Kosovo, Uganda, Chechen, Somalia, and Sudan. As you experience this interactive installation, the fans start rotating very fast and then suddenly stop. This suggests the moment of death at the places mentioned above. If we may be all connected by the medium called air, where and how was the flow of air around you born?

via PigmonM’s Bannen Nisshi II