Ten Joint Array

0teammmmenb.jpgMembers:Feng Hao,Yang Tao,Xiao Wei

“Ten Joint Array� is not a simple repeating tour-plan, but a series of dramatic sound dramas overlaping each other.

We got many novels, films and theatre dramas, which focus on how man grew and became mature. But never such a diary has been written before. And here we haveone – the sound-based diary “Ten Running Episodes�. It contains 10 different live shows, each one is formed by 30-minute-live plus a 10-minute improvisational performance of a guest member. The recording and ambient soundscape sampling will be used as the materials in the next show. By repeating this, the sound evolves little by little.

And what will it be finally? We affect sound with our computer and instrument – it’s just like a child got influences from everybody he met or each book he read, but no one could tell what would he be in the future. So is the sound, the answer we could not predicate. But from this diary, we will learn a lot – seeing band members’ growing up, experiencing what they experienced in the life, and sharing with them…and the most important is you will observe how the sound evolves!

0performannncc.jpgYou can listen here.

11.22 live
11.26 live
11.28 live
12.03 live
12.05 live
12.06 live
12.22 live

Some pics.