Soup bowls (with fly inside)

“Waiter!” (Theres a fly in my soup), by product designer Tobias Wong is a simple soup bowl that contains a Swarovski crystal fly held in place by a magnet.

When the bowl is full, the fly is hidden, but as you eat, the insect slowly appears. Its presence will either cause you to consume less in disgust, or the sheer beauty of the object will provide an amusing distraction. (via Core77)


Talking of soup bowls:
I was wondering what happened to the self-heating crockery, developed two years ago by Mark Champkins.

The plate, bowl and cup use a disk-activated solution inside a PVC pack, contained within ceramic casings.

Clicking the disk at the base of the crockery triggers a chemical reaction which heats the object up to 50 degrees. They stay warm for up to half-an-hour.

The crockery can then be “recharged” for the next meal by placing in the dishwasher.