Sony Outsider (Gajin)

Sony Outsider (Gajin) is a true-to-scale replica of the Fat Man, the atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki in August 1945. The art piece is covered in glossy, white Plexiglas and sports a Sony logo. Inside it is a capsule hotel-like room upholstered Sony-style in white leather and equipped with a male urinal squeezed between the wash basin and the TV set/DVD player, and a Dolby stereo set.


The first thing that catches the eye is the Sony logo on the bedding. Tom Sachs is fascinated by the seductive power of branding. In Sony Outsider, the brand has reduced a dwelling to a gadget. Every trace of regional identity has been erased to give way to a manufactured lifestyle.

Sachs remarked: “I think we’re in the adolescence of technology culture. Even with all this information fewer people know less and less. Brands and their power are one of my interests. They’re in right now in fashion and my work kind of consecrates it. I mean you can either criticize it or consecrate and I think my work kind of consecrates it.”

Created in 1999 by Tom Sachs.

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Images: artblog and Interni.