sofia’s diary

Sofia’s Diary

What is Sofia’s Diary Mobile Service:

– A SMS Game, where users help Sofia with her dilemmas.
– A Interactive Wap site with the Diary and Content.
– An IVR service with the voice diary and voting system.
– A SMS Votation services: Casting, Contests, Music CD, etc.
– A SMS and Wap Chat service: Sofia’s friends can chat with Sofia and with her other friends.
– Official logos and Ring tones of Sofia’s Favorite songs.
– MMS Postcards with Sofia’s and her Friends photos.
– A MMS Soap Opera subscription service with Video MMS functionalities.

Lisbon, 21th April 2003: Beactive, a Portuguese leading company in Mobile Entertainment, announces the negotiation with European and South-American mobile operators of the licensing of Sofia’s Diary. “Sofia’s Diary” is a full package of new generation mobile content produced to catch the eyes of mobile users of ages from 14 to 20. Sofia’s Diary, an Interactive Mobile Service uses new technologies to tell in an interactive and multi-channel way the story of a typical 17 years old girl, Sofia. This is one of the first projects to simultaneously use as a complementary way diverse medias with specific contents and mechanics for each media. Sofia’s Diary content is published on the Web, in a teen magazine, on daily newspapers, aired on a teen Radio station and a Cable TV Show. Users can follow the story everywhere and interact with it using their mobile phones.

Sofia’s Diary is Exclusive Mobile content with emotion. A service where the user can control the everyday life of Sofia – a teenage Girl – who becomes her or his Alter ego and Hero. A Hero that user can build, control or be a friend of. Sofia’s Diary is also a brand that allows operators to sell different services, from SMS to IVR and Wap.

Launched on late January in Portugal, the service was a hit in the Portuguese Teen generation, the biggest users of SMS and Mobile services. Sofia’s Diary was also “opening of the 8 O’clock news” on TV, make front-page news headlines in Daily Newspapers and was covered in more than 40 magazine articles and news.

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e Diario de Sofia (in Portuguese)