Worms activated sculptures

Social Prototypes, by Toronto-based artist Victoria Scott, is a group of five mechanically driven “handtools”, which are electronically controlled by the blind underground movements of “Red Wriggler’ composting worms.


Near the “prototypes”, the piles of soil are hosting the worms, decayed organic matter (vegetable scraps, eggshells and coffee grounds) and several sensors.

The worm’s activities are recorded by the sensors and the resulting minute signals are amplified and modulate the electrical current to each of the motors attached to the tools.

These mechanical sculptural objects are in search of a function, and do not perform a useful task, or fulfill a practical need.

By inventing and building these sculptures, the artist wanted to question how certain technologies may have been created for our betterment, for constructive purposes, but have been misused or abused, used to abuse ourselves, create distance between each other and our environment.

Another installation by Scott, Lay Down can be seen till January 30th as part of the Intimachine exhibition.