s()nic object lands in Paris

s()nic object, a music label dedicated solely to original mobile phone ringtones, launches its first ringtone collection during the exhibition Ecoute at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris till January 17 2005.


During the exhibition, a mobile phone in a glass case will ring, randomly choosing its sound from the sonic( )bject collection. A diverse range of sounds (instrumental or non-musical, noise or pure vibrations, timbres or melodies …), these ringtones become true “sonic objects”.

To cater to the multitude of technical formats, an artificial intelligence system, chooses the best format for each ringtone and for each mobile phone model to achieve the best sound quality.

The authors of the ringtones are professional sound designers, sound artists, contemporary, classic or electro-acoustic composers from the worlds of jazz, electronica and vocal art. Each author conceived, composed and produced between 8 and 25 ringtones.

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