See you at dorkbot Berlin on Monday

Because Berlin is hosting several institutions like bootlab, Chaos Computer Club, c-base e.V., etc. which all “are doing strange things with electricity” on a daily basis, dorkbot.bln takes place only once a year, during Transmediale, when like-minded people from all over the world are in town.

00aafabiennio.jpgImage by Fabienne Serriere

The 5th annual Berlin dorkbot is organised by c-base e.V. and will feature the following projects:

mikro.FM: “Your friendly neighborhood micro transmitter network and how to join in.”

Fabienne “fbz” Serriere: “Future Fabrics: construction techniques for wearables with flexible and washable circuitry.”

– The Moving Forest team presents its electronic gadgets -introducing Ricardo from New York with his Radio Gun Revolt, Martin from Berlin with his Scrying Boards, and Pit from Backyard Radio with their micro FM node.

02L – Outside Standing Level: “Unità Zero”, 32 possible combinations of videos and vibrating mixed audio sequences, triggered by stepping feet.

dorkbot.bln will be hosted by discordian evangelist Tim Pritlove.

The evening is part of C-ECRETS – the c-base partner event of transmediale.08 CONSPIRE.

Monday, January 28, 2008
8 pm | 5,- EUR (Free admission for transmediale.08 festival pass owners)

c-base e.V.
culture communication carbonite
Raumstation unterhalb Berlin
Rungestr. 20, 2. HH
D-10179 Berlin-Mitte
(U + S Jannowitzbrücke)