Salone del Mobile, Milan.

On Monday, I spent a great time at the exhibition of the students of Design Product, RCA in London. Their LivingSpace project encourages designers to seek extroardinary circumstances and create new social conditions.

Apple’s Place by Eli Gutierrez.
Apple lives alone and one day she realizes that people can watch her through the window. Suddenly she feels she needs privacy, she starts living in the ceiling of her room, in a corner where she builds her living-space to hide and watch others.

dsssssssssss.jpgPetscape, by Bo-Young Jung, are pet-related products for people who share their living space with animals. They are meant to give more interactive, imaginative environment for you and your pet.


Peter Marigold’s Volume is a surprising radio system. The water level in the bucket controls the volume of the radio. From the outside you hear absolutely nothing. But once your ears are immersed in the water, you are submerged by the sound of the radio. The experience was funny, surreal and resulted in mascara on the cheecks and a “just out of the swimming-pool” hair effect.

A Day In a Life, by Shay Alkalay, is a spatial project where furniture (fish bowl, book shelves, ) is fixed to the wall, once needed you simply bring it to you. Objects are moving on the spinning wheel, turning upside-down and continually changing their position.


Andrew Haythornthwaite’s SnakeDuckHuman is a living structure for Susan the snake, Demetrius the duck and Harold the human. The structure gives all three inhabitants specific areas to eat, sleep work or play. The three linear sections slide horizontally, opening up and closing off spaces to keep each other separate at certain times of the day.


Sato Hisao’s project imagines what it could mean to live in a chimney by yourself. “Actually inside the chimney there is limited circular space only, however, there are a lot of possibilities in a vertical way.” (sorry the picture I made was even worse than the others, the website gives an idea of the work)