Design Academy Eindhoven at the Salone del Mobile

Salone del Mobile, Milan.
Yesterday, I went to see the works of graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Christien Meinderstsma bought for few euros the 3267 items taken from the passengers who embark at Schiphol airport (Amsterdam) during one week: spoons, golf tools, nails, pipe wrench, an axe, combs, toy pistols, etc.

She made a book containing the pictures of all these “tools of supposed soldiers of skyjacking and terrorism.” Checked Baggage.


Daan de Haan’s Paracamera camouflage suits exploit the security camera system flaws to protect the privacy of individuals. Jos Kranen’s flexilight is a flexible sticker that shows the lines of electricity into the direction of 10 LEDS. The possible configurations of the design are endless.

sousouvr.jpgflexilight.jpgDo-it-yourseld-design by Dave Keune: you have to cut all parts at the marked spots. Guide the saw along the slots of the plates. All parts can be glue together to make the furnitures of the picture on the right.


I also liked the Greetje van Helmond carrier straps that you can stretch from armpit to armpit, finger to thumb or neck to arm to keep your mobile phone, pen or agenda safe. And Roel van Heur’s Brandweerfiets, a fire bike fitted with two fire extinguishers, a first aid kit and a wailing siren to be used at festival and public events.