Royal London

As Régine was hinting at, I flew to London to sneak into the Design Products-show at the Royal College of Art. Some quite interesting things there, including stunning objects from a rapid-prototyping-workshop and the first results of the interaction course since Anthony Dunne has taken over as the new head of the program. I will post a few projects here over the next couple of days.


Here’s one appetizer to start with: Michele Gauler, Sohui Won and Daniel Goddemeyer have concieved a series of time-related products that use common phrases to build around. Particularly beautiful is “Turning back time” that is a watch designed for couples. You start it off at the beginning of the relationship and then split it in two parts. The watches normally display time but will always stay mutually connected which comes in handy in certain situations where you wish that you could only turn your common time back or forward. If you put them close together, they will become one display again, showing the time that you’ve been in your relationship.

Thank you everyone at RCA for the warm welcome and Quentin for his hospitality.