If this blog became a radio programme

On Friday at 4pm, set your radio to 104.4fm if you live in London and your browser to http://resonancefm.com/ if you don’t. That’s when the pilot for programme i’ve recently recorded for Resonance104.4fm, London’s edgy, radical, art radio is going to be aired. The focus of the programme is art & science/technology.

0a9_guilt1.jpgRevital Cohen, Guilt Adjuster from the project Genetic Heirloom

0aaf6hackaf157759.jpgTuur Van Balen live hacking of yoghurt on stage at the NEXT NATURE Powershow

Critical designers Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen were kind and kamikaze enough to join me in the studio for the first episode. We’ve discussed topics as diverse as the beauty of life support machines, pigeons that poop soap, using design to infiltrate synthetic biology, collaborating with scientists and communicating the complexities of a projects that explore the impact of science on society.

The last part of the broadcast takes the form of a quick agenda of exhibitions to see in and around London if you’re interested in art&tech/science. I’ll update this post with a podcast of the show if you can’t catch it on Friday afternoon.

Futures episodes won’t be aired before next month. A new one will be broadcast every week, last 30 minutes and focus on an artist or collective whose work i admire such as London Fieldworks, Anna Dumitriu, Zoe Papadopoulou, Ruairi Glynn, Thomas Thwaites, Tom Keene, c-lab, Semiconductor, etc. I’ve also been sent on a mission to get Bruno Latour.

The ten last minutes of each programme will be dedicated to the agenda, and once in a while i’ll add audio snippets from the festivals i attend as a speaker or blogger.


So if you are curating, organizing or participating to an art&tech/science event in the UK in the coming months, do get in touch and i might plug it in the agenda.

The same goes for anyone who’d have a great idea for a title, i’m far from happy with the current one, Artists in Laboratories.

Finally, i’d like to thank Tom Besley and Richard Thomas of ResonanceFM for trusting me with a microphone. I know i wouldn’t want to listen to my silly voice and silly accent on the radio.