Remote Vjs control

For the VJ who wants to join clubbers on the dance floor and still keep control over the video, Belmer Negrillo has imagined Go Dance . So far, there’s only a prototype. But the concept is brilliant.

The tool would allow Vjs to control the video mixing remotely, without wires, and with more natural gestures (than keyboard, mouse and sliders).


People could also use the tool in a kind of simpler “user mode” to play with the video in the screen, learning how it works on the fly by looking at the visual feedbacks.

The prototype consists in a wrist brace, 8 pin-buttons (in fact RFId tags) with icons that identifies basic commands for VJ and a box connected to the computer by USB port.

The pin-buttons, which can be attached to the garment by pins or Velcro, are basic commands (play or increase speed). Besides, the VJ can use arm and body movements to produce analog and continuous changes into the video properties.

Video scenario.
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