Pussy Weevil

Pussy Weevil is an individual software animated character that responds to the viewer’s distance or proximity. Your position influences how it acts and behaves. The piece involves choreography in space and deals with subject / object relationships vis-a-vis the viewer. Pussy Weevil ignores you, outrageously derides you, tries to scare you but it runs away in fright if you get too close.


Pussy Weevil is a proto-Tex-Avery character, whose form is malleable and virtually indestructible. It mutates, splits, spits, and glitches; as an immediate object of a viewer’s interventions, it never finds a middle ground between dark heckling and pitiful fear. Pussy Weevil lives in the zone of biologically hazardous materials – or maybe it’s only a danger to itself. It might be just a sorrowful, botched genetic experiment that has about as much sense as a dull, reactive house pet.

Pussy Weevil questions how digital characters can be affected by interactions in analog spaces and examines the relationship between the real and computer made worlds.

Demo and Movie.

By Marina Zurkow and Julian Bleecker.

My brand new mobile phone that makes splendid pictures is experiencing network problems and i can’t send my snaps online, so the picture above comes from Julian Bleecker’s flickr set.