Push / Pull

Push / Pull are two inflatable cushions on two different playgrounds. The objects are floating like hovercrafts, they can move by themselves but can at the same time be moved by the audience.

When someone moves one of the objects, the other one imitates the movement. When someone else is moving the second object at the same time the contrary is taking place as well. One can push the object in one direction and, at the same time, be pushed by it in another direction. So two visitors can communicate with each other through the objects.


Besides, the objects have their own behaviour which is determined by two parameters. They memorise the movements given by the visitors, reproduce them and process them into new movement patterns. Then, the object can have a pulling force to a specific place in the space, it is attracted by that location and wants to return there. But other locations keep pushing the object away. The behaviour is changing over time.

The object expresses its “mood” with sound, communicating whether it wants or not to be moved, whether it is pushing against you or moving with you and giving information about it’s location in the space.

The communication between the objects consists purely of digital messages going in both directions. The interaction is partly inspired on two of Hiroshi Ishii’s interfaces: the Curlybot and inTouch.

Authors: Marnix de Nijs and Edwin van der Heide (NL)