Book review: Pulled – A Catalog of Screen Printing

Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing, by Mike Perry (available from amazon USAand UK.)


Publisher Princeton Architectural Press writes: From Andy Warhol to the sassy designers of today, screen-printing is a medium with undeniable panache. Prized for its accessibility and bold, saturated colors, screen-printing is cheap, versatile, and a little dirty. Not to mention fast. Author Mike Perry (Hand Job, Over and Over) screened his first shirt in college and wore it later that night. So listen up, burgeoning artistes: it can’t always be bad to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Pulled stretches screen-printing in all directions, leaving no element untouched. This book is a survey and a how-to, a collection of prints and an idea bank. It brings together more than forty talented screen printers, including Aesthetic Apparatus, Deanne Cheuk, Steven Harrington, Maya Hayuk, Cody Hudson, Jeremyville, Andy Mueller, Rinzen, and Andy Smith, among many others. Pulled is for the creative person who wants to leave his mark on cotton, or anything else.

C03D7E_fullsize.jpgAesthetic Apparatus, Simian Cyclopia, 2008

Another book review because sometimes you’ve spent such a nice time with a book that you need to share it with your readers. Right here, right now.

Pulled contains mostly images. 2 pages of introduction. 2 pages of how to screen print yourself and then bits and pieces of portfolio with a short presentation of each designer/artist/studio. Pretty straightforward, charming and efficient. The author of the book, Mike Perry is one of these screen printing artists which gives the whole book a kind of homely, small community feeling. I’ll shut uo here and let you see some of the goods for yourself:

Viviangirls.jpgAesthetic Apparatus, Vivian Girls Concert Poster

0doombuddyIII_screen.jpgAesthetic Apparatus, Doom Buddy III

04sdoutntain3.jpgScott Barry, The Fountain, 2009

steven-harrington-prints-front.jpgSteven Harrington, Our Mountain, 2008

kaleidophantparasite.jpgKaleidophant, Parasite, 2009

wathis spacetch.jpgAndy Smith, Watch This Space, 2008

4colomonsterur.jpgAndy Smith, 4 Colour Monster, 2008

saturday_in_soho.jpgJeremyville, Saturday in Soho

Love_in_jeremyville.jpgJeremyville, Love in Jeremyville

danieldluedgktertweb.jpgDaniel Luedtke, 2nd Wave, 2009

autumn2.jpgNathaniel Russell, 2 Days In Autumn Festival, Big Sur, California, 2007

hannah_01.jpgHannah Waldron, Best Aviary, 2008

Pulled-by-Mike-Perry-Marque-and-Anna-Wolf.jpgMarque and Anna Wolf, Nicholas Cox, Chef, La Esquina, 2009

Pulled-by-Mike-Perry-Mike-Perry.jpgMike Perry, Going to the Market, 2009