Presentation of MIT media lab

Fascinating talk by Rebecca Allen from MIT media lab in Dublin.

She first talked about one of the piece here in Ars Futura: developed with Ronan Coyle and Hannes Nehls, Liminal Identity blurs the boundaries between the physical and the virtual worlds.
So there’s this shipping box with 2 holes, you put your head inside one of the hole and can see the face of another person who put his head inside the hole too, but the result is an image that mixed both your and his/her identities.


Moreover, the box is “stealing” the image to display it elsewhere, and you see it floating like a ghost among other faces.

Then there’s also here a new kind of interface that you activate just using your breath, you blow and see the virtual reality lanscape change: the weather turns sunny or bad, for example.

That’s what Rebecca Allan calls Augmented Virtuality. So far, you thought it was cool to talk about augmented reality, but she’s working on augmented virtuality where we have a virtual world that we enhance with video images of face or with our own breath.