Scrapbook from the ongoing FILE festival

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Fast, furious and merry images from Sao Paulo and the 11th edition of the FILE Electronic Language International Festival, i think the report will have to wait till i’m back in Europe.

Sao Paulo. Exotic plants, skyscrapers and where did i leave that picture showing helicopter landing pads on top of said skyscrapers?


City of much admired street art.


Quirky fashion shops.

4cabrito5_ae2b76abdd.jpgEl Cabriton y amigos

…and shoezz! Cult plastic sandals, high heels and pumps from Melissa Galeria.


I’m fairly enthusiastic about them. Here’s the booty (so far):


Dear Sao Paulo, please please never get rid of your generous trash ‘bins’.


The FILE Festival is remarkably popular with the public


In the morning the queues to play with games or interactive works are still reasonable so keep the lie in for another day.

4fila1836_1ae06dc3c7.jpgInfinito Ao Cubo by Rejane Cantoni & Leonardo Crescenti. Part of the interactive public art section of FILE

4machin10_fa4249728c.jpgThe Machinima section in the early morning

4hands375406_6a1a80ca18.jpgDetail from 2x[Power of Two] by Jorge Luis Crowe

4841561736_5ce2b0908d_z.jpgSuperfluidity by Electronic Shadow

Every evening ends with some fantastic performances.

48bitperformance60259_e1f2e730aa.jpgPerformance by Minusbaby (Richard Alexander Caraballo) during Hypersonica

FILE is open until August 29, 2010.