Going to Conflux

0expiojklm.jpgThe blog might be a bit quiet until tomorrow. I’m off to New York for the Conflux Festival, headquartered at the McCaig-Welles Gallery in Brooklyn. The programme is packed with great projects to make us walk, bike, play, pause and discover so please, please come and join the fun.

Events kick off at 10am on Thursday the 14th, and the opening reception starts at 9pm at Supreme Trading in Williamsburg with the all-female DJ lineup!: DJ3 and Essexy. Thanks Christina for the invitation.

But before landing in New York, i’ll be enjoying 6 1/2 magic hours (actually more than that as i flight via Munich.) 6 1/2 Magic Hours tells about the comfort and delight of transatlantic air travel at the beginning of the jet age. It’s a 1958 movie and i find it hard to swallow that 50 years after the shooting of this delightful film, it still takes 6 1/2 to cross the ocean.