Plush toys design for dummies

Today being Toys Day on the blog, let me introduce you to Plushie. This really neat system, created by Yuki Mori and Takeo Igarashi from The University of Tokyo, allows nonprofessionals (even those who are not able to draw “appropriately” a 2D pattern) to design their own original plush toys. Plushie constructs 2D patterns and applies simple physical simulation to it on the fly during 3D modeling. The model on the screen is thus always a good approximation of the final sewn result, which makes the design process much more efficient. `

Gosh! This blog is in danger of becoming almost funny!

Merci Julien!
Oh! Btw, Dana Gordon and Jean-Baptiste Labrune will be at Mediamatic in Amsterdam in January for a Hybrid Toys Workshop. Together with Auke Touwslager, they will help participants design playful projects (applications, services, games, programs, formats) that connect physical objects of places as interface to digital media.