On tour

0menxt.jpgI’m off to Copenhagen to attend NEXT2006, the Nordic Exceptional Trendshop (image on the left from last year’s edition). As usual, they have invited wonderful speakers along with funky gadgets. The Conference is on Friday and the exhibition is open only on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3. At the IT University (ITU) in Copenhagen. This way!

Keep up with what’s going on up there on the NEXT blog (and on this one, ‘f course!)

Then –hurray!– time for a short stop in Waffle-Eden. I’ve been invited by Yves Bernard to give a talk at the Art+Game event, it’s on December 4 but there’s also a pretty nice exhibition of artistic game installations and the screening of the 8bit movie on Sunday afternoon. 08bitmv.jpg

Just before that on December 3, i’ll be in Gent for the Artbots exhibition. Hey Wallonia! What are you doing? Des Tartes a’l’djote?

On the 5th i’ll be in London for the Open Days in School of Architecture and Design at the RCA and to give a couple of talks. One of them will be at the ICA Club for a night of the Webbys. I’m quite curious about it. I feel like i never won that Webby award: i didn’t attend the ceremony and never bought the so un-sexy statuette they were quite eager to sell me. The ICA night will celebrate the entertainers, technologists, creative thinkers, musicians, cultural and political players, who use the web in a way central to their activities. Thanks Nicolas Roope for the invitation!

After that i’ll be spending a couple of days in Lausanne (Switzerland) to give a talk at the ECAL, the University of Art and Design. I’ll also check the Betes de Style exhibition at the MUDAC and the show that Perfektron, aka Ryota Kuwakubo and Reico Yamaguchi, are having at the Galerie Lucy Mackintosh. Nico-les-bons-tuyaux informed me that Kuwakubo and Yamaguchi will have a talk this Friday afternoon at EPFL, in the context of The Interactive City class by Prof Jeffrey Huang. Bonus: Jonah Brucker-Cohen interviewd Kuwakubo on gizmodo last week.

Then i’ll be back in Turin for a few days before moving my office and life to Berlin. Finally!