Finally! Our sprint book ‘New Art/Science Affinities’ is out

32nasa0.jpgYou might remember that over 8 months ago i spent 7 days in Pittsburgh for a A/S/T Book Sprint. Together with curator Andrea Grover, art and science writer and pop star Claire L. Evans and architect and designer Pablo Garcia, i spent a whole week locked inside the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University discussing and writing about the intersection of art/science/technology with explorations into maker culture, hacking, artist research, distributed creativity, and technological and speculative design.

Andrea also had the bright idea to involve graphic designers Jessica Young, and Luke Bulman from Thumb in the whole production process. Each evening we would gather around their computer screens and watch how these two talented designers had given shape to our ideas and texts.

The book is finally out! It’s called New Art/Science Affinities and you can either buy it on Lulu or download the PDF for free.

Don’t expect to read the ultimate compendium of all things art and science (it was written in only 7 days by 4 people after all), it would be more appropriate to see it as a subjective snapshot of what the art&science community is up to right now (or rather 8 months ago). What i can say with certainty is that the book is the result of one of the most exciting moments of my blogger life. So thank you Andrea for inviting us to book sprint, to Golan Levin for hosting us at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, to Astria Suparak from the Miller Gallery for her continuous support. And a huge thank you to all the artists we’ve contacted at the very last moment with an urgent request to send us photos or to talk with us on skype.

Views inside the book:

08grenouillle0.jpg02hackhack9.jpg10vintagestuffff71.jpg0uswithgolanb60e707a.jpgImage Studio for Creative Inquiry

0jessiandrea_cae483f980.jpgJessica and Andrea. Image Studio for Creative Inquiry

0claire26def258a.jpgClaire Image Studio for Creative Inquiry

0regineperd1c7cb16c50.jpgPablo and I. Image Studio for Creative Inquiry

0waffle02370.jpgAt the Waffle Shop

0anowcfae6f6.jpg0truckc9f281c0.jpgThe very last day in Pittsburgh was a real snow party