Oto Kinoko (Sound Mushroom)

Oto Kinoko is a “sound shop” in Kyoto, which was produced by Kazumichi Fujiwara, the sound artist from the legendary kids’ TV show Ugo Ugo Lhuga. Customers can listen to and buy varieties of sound recordings collected from all over the world, including the sound of wind, farting animals, winking frogs, and mating insects.

[Oto Kinoko. In the shop are many sound kiosk terminals]

In the early 1990’s, Kazumichi Fujiwara developed a TV show called Sound Museum, in which “all sorts of everyday actions are filmed close up using a household video camera and presented with titles such as the sound of rubbing toes or the sound of crumpling paper,” (c.f. Mediamatic) as part of Ugo Ugo Lhuga, a Japanese Kids’ TV show.

The sound kiosk terminals were designed by media artist Toshio Iwai and illustrator Kayo Baba. Overall art direction was done by Shin Sobue, a guru in book design.

The shop is located near Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, a popular sightseeing spot (map). Open 10AM-6PM. Closed on Thursdays.

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