Orientation-sensitive clock radio and cuddly bear for snoozing

Strangely Familiar. Unusual Objects for Everyday Life. Episode VI.
(I, II, III, IV, V.)

Didier Hilhorst and Nicholas Zambetti‘s Quattro alarm clock is housed in a translucent enclosure without button nor markings. Its functions depends on its position: orientating it on the side it’s a radio, upright it becomes an alarm timer and placed horizontally it’s a clock. As you come nearer to Quattro, it detects your presence and reveals illuminated touch-sensitive controls relevant to its current function.


At that point, I was already begging the guys to sell me the Quattro. They refused and to make my heart bleed even more, they went on explaining that the radio alarm works in tandem with a teddy bear: squeezing the bear triggers various actions including a remote “snooze” operation.


Thanks for the pic, Didier. But this won’t change my plan to kidnap the teddy bear and get the Quattro instead.

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